Monday, July 23, 2012

Video shoots and festivals

Hiya Popsters!

Whoa, it's been such a wonderful week. We've been super busy, just like we're supposed to be :) Firstly I want to congratulate you all, our fans. We're over 800 strong now! That's like super cool! It means so much to us to see that people actually like what we do. Exactly what happened in the Osla Live festival! We got a comment from a woman in the audience that went pretty much like this.

"Excellent performance yesterday in Porvoo! Did you notice how people started to flow towards the stage? :) You even melted the die-hard rock'n'rollers hearts! Keep up the sunny work!"

Super sweet! It made me very happy. The whole festival was a blast! With headliners as Europe, Apocalyptica & Kaija Koo the audience might not have been our main focus group, but who cares? They enjoyed it just the same! Dancing, singing along and having a good time. Here's a picture of Jack Sparrow playing the cello!

Axel and I after the gig. The sun was shining when we played, it started pouring down just as we stopped <3 

The festival was on Saturday. But already on Friday we we're rocking out. It was the first day of shooting our Peach Party music video! I can't tell you guys too much but boy did we have fun. I might let the pictures speak for themselves! :)


 Filming on the beach!
Sadly I forgot to take a photo with the crowd. But I just want to thank everyone that made it there! Without you the Peach Party at the beach would've been super lame. And I must say, you're the best party crowd I've ever seen at a music video! :)

Obviously fruits play a big role! :)

Can you name all the fruits?

(lol of course you can. what is this? kindergarten? :D)

This was filmed on Sunday. Sadly I was (and still am) very sick so I couldn't attend. I don't even know w-w-what's going on :)

A fruit riddle "I’m a sweet, juicy red fruit who wears my seeds on the outside. I grow in summertime patches and taste great in everything from shakes to shortcake. Who am I?"

This sounds like all fun and games, which it is. But someone has to pay the price
of living the dream. Right now it's me :/ I'm very sick (and I like to dramatize things) Took a blood test today, let's hope the doctors bring forth good news. Don't know how the others would manage without me. Nah, I kid about death. Let's just hope I get fit & fine as soon as possible!

Let's see what this week brings us! We have a gig at a huge scout meeting and some more songwriting sessions. High hopes for everything. I'll end this with a Buzz Lightyear quote "To infinity... and beyond"

 Until next week, stay classy dear Popsters!
- krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪


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  1. On the beach was a great vibe and you were just wonderful :D I look forward to your upcoming gigs (which are not k-18) and I hope that I see you soon :) I hope that its nothing serious and you get well soon Krippe. :)Im glad that you didnt infect me haha ;) love you guys! <3 :)