Monday, July 9, 2012

Hi All!

I'm staying at my family's summer place while writing this, and I realize what an extraordinary privilege I am enjoying. Yes, my personal life is lovely; adorable. <3, And my professional life is a full fuelled star shuttle ready for takeoff, preferably fuelled with some ecologically sustainable energy form! But frankly the greatest of privileges is in the writing of this blog! (right now)

I’d like to give you a sincere picture of our daily doings and happy happenings. Normally our days are densely packed with dire labour, and I really mean it when I say that this could and should  be a true quote: “They are the most hard-working group in the industry”. But I have to inform you: this week I’m spending with my dearest treasure, in a lovely lakeside environment, joined by dozen of my amiable old friends in the weekend.

Last week was all busy, starting with a gig on Monday. Tuesday we had band practice and two meetings. One meeting was with the film makers Artur and Emil Sallinen from Clutch Productions with whom we planned an upcoming music video. The other meeting was, and is ├╝ber secret… XD After the hard work Axel took us on a thrilling ride in the Helsinki archipelago. We stopped for pizza on a small island where I frightened my taste buds by picking one with goat cheese, fresh arugula, sweet basil and STRAWBERRY! The risk was worth it I tell you =) !!

I’m had some problems supplying this blog with pictures, as my phone (and all the rest of my valuables too x’/  ) got stolen on Cyprus. Now Cyprus asks for a bailout from the EU to back up it's banking sector. That lucky Cypriot who took my MacBook has already got his share of the common European welfare.
In this desperate moment of picturelessnes I have refered to Olli and Facebook for help =)

But life goes on, although unmistakably a bit slower, on a packard bell minilaptop borrowed from my mum. <3

(just got the post up 3min before Tuesday)


//Paul <3

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