Monday, December 17, 2012


Hi Popsters!

It's been an amazing week once again!

@Rahina w/ Tomas

On Thursday we had the Rähinä Records & Rähinä Live Christmas party, which was a lot of fun! We met a lot of new people, like the YleX crew and Elastinen, the hilarious party host. I guess the lesson was that if you want to have a great party you should party with rappers :D 

On Saturday we had a great gig in Caribia, Turku with Robin. Before I even start to talk about the gig itself I should mention the hilarious ride to the venue. We shared a bus with Robin's crew, including Jimi Constantine who shared some pretty amazing stories he had experienced during his years of touring around Finland! He's such a nice guy :)

Soundchecking. I'm finally at the front row!
And the gig… It was AMAZING!! This was the first time that we were able to set the drums right in front of the audience. We've had this stage plan for a while now, but due to practical reasons we've always had to put the drums to the back of the stage (and if you've ever been performing on a stage, you know that when you're at the back you're not really able to see the audience because of the stage lights that are blinding your eyes). So there I was drumming two meters away from the front row and I saw the whole audience: all 1700 people! It was so great to get this kind of interaction with the crowd that I've never had before, and to get to party with them throughout the whole show! And what a show it was!! I think it was one of the best ones we've ever had!! Thanks Turku! :)

It was also so nice to see so many fans coming to see us after the show. You have no idea how much you guys mean to us!! <3 After a show we always hope that the audience would have had even half the fun we've had on stage, and it's SO heartwarming when people come up to us to tell us that they had the best time too! You Popsters keep us going! <3
© Paula Essiina Pekkinen <3

© Carolina Viljanen <3

After the show we spent the night at the Caribia Hotel. The hotel itself was nice, but the best part was the spa/waterpark! :) We had some really intense races in the water slides and a snowball fight at the outdoor pool. I guess the waterpark lifeguards are happy if they don't see us for a while :D 

Having fun at the hotel lounge
Today we had a meeting at The Fried Music studios with Patric Sarin and the executives from Sony Music. The deals have been signed, and now we're finally starting to record our debut album with the Swedish top producer Peter Månsson and Patric Sarin. We heard some talks about this being the most expensive debut album ever made by a Finnish label, so you can just imagine how good the album is going to sound! We've been waiting three years for this moment and it feels so amazing to finally be here. Thank you so much for supporting every step of the way <3 You made this possible! <3

Christmas is almost here! Have a nice holiday <3 We had an amazing year together! Next year we'll rock the world, together! :)

- Social Joe <3

I've been trying to not to eat candy but the
backstage catering is not making it easy :D

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