Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas!!! (c:>*

Such a peaceful feeling! Christmas holidays are finally a reality for Satin Circus, as we set off to stay with our near and dear ones for a while (Axel, Olli and Krippe are of course "near and dear" too, but this time I mean my family :D)! But! What calms me most is that our Swedish producer Peter Månsson has started working on our debut album in his studio in Stockholm!!

If, and when, everything goes according to plan our first single of the new album will be released somewhere around february 2013! How soon isn't that!! And yet how I long for february to come already!!! Kind of like a second Christmas…..

B.t.w. I "pimped" my shoes for the holidays already a few weeks ago! :D It's amazing what kind of magic new laces can do to a pair of poor old shoes!!!

I love doing handicrafts for Christmas, wrapping christmas presents and decorating them. As I find it sometimes very hard to buy good gifts for people I spend some time making the package look perfect...:
Tried some gothic script technique on some of them ^^

tiiny tiiiny Christmas presents ^^

I did an interview for a local, newspaper, called "MaTaPuPu" this month. It was kinda fun to answer questions alone this time. It ended up being a very thorough and personal article!   (c:>*  But it's still more fun to do them all together! (:

Click the image and zoom! Maybe you'll be able to read it :D

Already on our Kirjasto 10 gig 8.12.2012 our fans had made a huge effort, giving us a load of charming presents!! Thank you all!! And Hennas and Sannas outrageously gorgeous gingerbread house, with it's light effects and all is definitely worth a BIG special mention!!! 
All of this thoughtfulness makes me SO happy, and SO proud! 

So, please have a wonderful Christmas Eve! Share the love, and eat well!


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