Monday, December 3, 2012

Sony christmas party & stuff :)

Hey everybody! 

This week's been pretty different. We've been writing so much new songs that we started to feel a bit stuck, so we decided to do something else for a week!

We've been practicing, planning future releases, and discussing web-pages, promo-shoots and music videos with our record company Sony Music at their office. We're releasing a completely new visual look at the end of the week so be prepared! Finally you're gonna see the pictures from our promo shoot in October! Our Facebook-page, this blog and our www-page will all be updated! 

On Tuesday we were at Sony's Christmas party, and that was epic. In the past few years I've been at a lot of Christmas parties, but this was something completely different……. Imagine all artists, songwriters, producers, managers, photographers, stylists, radio-journalists and record-company people at the same party… It was wild, I tell ya!

Suit up!

As Olli mentioned in an earlier post, we all bought jackets in different colors, and we really got some attention at the party! We chatted with a lot of music business people and now I think the business is prepared for our first single release, that hopefully is gonna be in February. It's gonna explode! This kind of music has never been made in Finland before and just wait till you hear it… It's gonna sound like ten times better than anything we've relased so far!!

Paul doing some magic tricks!

The best thing at the party was the possibility to finally chill out and have a couple of sodas with some great people. Finally we got to know the the people that are gonna be working with us for the next year more closely than ever. Our number one crew member is our A&R Olli, who is our link to the record company. He's the one taking care of us, giving us advice, and telling us when the songs are or are not good enough for the competition on the European market. Our gig booker Mika from Rähinä is also a great guy, and I played a lot of table football with him at the party. (you know the game Joey and Chandler play all the time in Friends;)) But somehow our team always lost!! Mika believed in us before anyone else did, and many of you lovely fans first heard us at the gig in Peacock, which Mika booked for us before anyone even knew what Satin Circus was :)

On wednesday we played an unplugged gig. Nothing beats playing live!! Someone came and asked if we're all from Kallion lukio cause we had such a great stage presence :D well, thanks, I guess! But we're not from there :D

We're playing this year's last unplugged gig at Kirjasto 10 on Saturday at 2 PM! You should all be there, we have a couple of new songs and also a Christmas-cover! And we're also playing one of our old songs, one that we haven't played in nearly a year! Come and find out which it is ;) And the gig is FREEE!!!

And on Sunday we're gonna be playing in Jyväskylä! We'll play a full set before Robin and we've heard that already a thousand tickets have been sold. So get yours fast before they run out! The gig starts at 14:00 so be on time :))

See you on our gigs dear Popsters! <3


ps. I just received some new toy synths all the way from America!!

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