Monday, November 26, 2012

Goofy Galaxy TV-show


I wish there was snow already! And Christmas! I don't know why, but this year I'm a little extra excited for Christmas. I don't mind that the stores have lit their christmas lights already, not one bit!!! You always hear people complaining: "Oh, again those darn Santa Clauses and gingerbreads, every year a bit earlyer X(...!" Christmas is one damn good tool to cope with this dark and windy autumn i.m.h.o! =D And I also happen to know what we all in Satin Circus would want for christmas, but I'm afraid that's not something that Santa can decide... =I

Last tuesday we spent at Pate's studio @ Fried Music. And Oh My God we hit off with what might now be the lead single, and it took a great leap forward!! Thats all I'll say! I won't give you too much to think about! 

On thursday we took the train to Tampere to a video shoot for the children's TV-program "Galaxi". I had bought some new Fazer candy, with which I played the entire time in the train! Mom said you shouldn't play with food... but then again, she also said that candy isn't food at all! :D  

They had a pretty awesome studio with some pretty awesome scenery there!! Unfortunately the show won't air until the 30th of January, but in the meantime you can digest this very goofy footage from the sessions:
Axel has never seen a hairspray bottle...?

The goofmeysters

THE Goofmeyster

This first is Satin Circus on TV!! And in the next pic we made an attempt in "inceptionism" by capturing ourselves taking a picture of ourselves!!! Amazing! I think you can kinda' see it despite the high zoom.

"Movember" is an annual event, founded in 2004 by some australians, with the intent to raise funds for mens healt. I'm taking "movember" a tad too seriously this year. Anyone can participate by growing a mustache to raise awareness of mens health issues... weird!! So, I started growing a mustache.... but I didn't quite realize the consequences of long facial hair! It tickles like crazy! And it makes me look like a walrus! And I'm gonna get rid of it tomorrow!!! Sorry men! And sorry for your bad health! But I can't stand this lampshade under my nose anymore! We still had good times together, like when you warmed my lips in the cold autumn breeze!! Bye!!

This is what it looks like today:

Pretty good handlebar stash there. But tomorrow it will go, because its PARTY TIME!!

We'll keep you in tune!!

PS. the word "GOOFY"...yea... :D lol

Keep cool, and sorry I was late =D


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