Monday, November 19, 2012

1.5K Likes on Facebook!

Hi there Popsters! :)

Another month has passed and it's my time again to let you guys know what we're up to :)

This Thursday we are gonna take the train to Tampere and we're going to be on a TV show called Galaxi on YLE TV2. We're gonna play an unplugged version of Peach Party and do an interview. It's not gonna be live, so the show will be aired sometime later. We'll let you know once it does :) 

We have spent the last few weeks pretty much in our studio so I'm really looking forward to this trip. Also, it's been a while since the last time I was in Tampere and I've always liked the city. Axel has been the one organizing this trip, and we might be staying in Tampere for a bit longer than just for the show. Let's see what Axel comes up with but whatever it is, it's gonna be something that Tampere is not gonna forget! :D

The "Pikkujoulu" season (pre-christmas party - check the very first blog entry to see the long explanation if you don't know what it is) is almost here and we've been invited to some really cool parties (Sony Music and Rähinä Records just to mention a few)! Our trademark have always been the bright colored jeans, but for these occasions we've planned something special: bright colored blazers! It turned out to be a really difficult task to find four jackets in different colors this time of the year, so we've been searching through the internet to get our hands on some. It became quite an international shopping trip since Axel found his from the US, Krippe found his from the UK and I found mine from China. Now let's just hope they'll make it to Finland in time. Since Paul is the most handy of us he made his by himself :) We're really looking forward to meeting some great new people and to have tons of fun at these parties! We'll keep you posted on the subject :)

Just a random pic from our last years "SC-pikkujoulut" ;)

Last week we passed 1.5K likes on our Facebook page! Thank you all so much! The support you give keeps us going! We love you <3

- Social Joe <3 

Ps. Last week we wrote a song about you Popsters! It turned out to be a really good one and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be on the album :) 

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  1. Cant wait for the song about popsters ! <3
    (ps. more covers coming soon ;)