Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

Hello everybody <3

I love Sundays!! Can't think of a better way to end the week than pizza, candy and America's Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest! (on the Voice 104.6 every Sunday evening)! Sunday band practice is also different from other days. We start a bit later, often a bit tired from last night's crazy dancing.. We write songs, tell bad jokes (and sometimes good ones!!!) and discuss important subjects like swedish producers, pizza toppings and girls…

                                           writing the blog :D

                                           Almost winter!

This week's been great! We had an interesting meeting with the record company, and we realized that when we're only writing songs all day and producing demos on our studio's computer we're not really doing the most important part of being a band: playing the songs. So while we've spent the last 3 months writing, writing and writing, we finally decided to practice and play the new tunes. We got a lot of new energy and new ideas, and I can already hear the sold-out stadiums singing along ;) 

writing writing writing

We played unplugged at COR-huset on Tuesday, great audience!!
 keep posting photos like these dear popsters<3

We now have almost 30 songs, and we like most of them a lot. Only the best 10-12 are gonna make it to the album, so the bad news are that some of your and our favorites might not make it… But the good news are that they will be replaced by even better ones!! ;)

The next phase in making this album is choosing the best songs, and after that they will be produced, recorded and mixed.  We've been in contact with a great Swedish producer, and he might just be available to do the production, which would be soooo great. He's currently in Los Angeles working with some of the biggest Billboard-topping artists, and it remains to see what happens when he comes back to Stockholm… Let's just hope for the best… ;)

                                                              LIVE @ Kamppi

Here's a video of the new Speed Of Love - Unplugged Edition from our Kamppi-gig. Check out the sax solo ;)

Hope you all have a great week!

with <3

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