Monday, November 12, 2012

Websites, logos, preparing for pogo!

Hey Popsters!

What a surprisingly normal week. Nothing extraordinary has happened. Well apart from insane brainstorming about our future album, looks and what not. No week is "normal" for Satin Circus but this one has been fairly uneventful. As I'm writing this blog I have exactly 15 minutes to get it ready. Let's hope I'll make it.

Paul gazing at a star

We have some gigs coming up before Christmas. Just like you guys requested! It's heartwarming that you constantly ask us about gigs, events etc. We might actually be doing something with a purpose n_n'

8.12 Kirjasto 10 Helsinki (unplugged)
9.12 Paviljonki, Jyväskylä w/Robin
15.12 Caribia, Turku w/Robin

11.1 The Circus, Helsinki w/Chris Medina              (Click on the link for the Facebook events!)

 As usual, we've been spending a lot of time in our studio fooling around!

Plu's insane singing skills

 I have exactly three minutes left. Darn this photo position system! :)

We're working on our logo at the moment and it's been super fun. Imagine trying to describe Satin Circus in one single piece of art. It's quite hard huh? The new website is also under construction. Can't wait for you all to see how what we're developing! It's beautiful to see that our hard work is bearing fruit! 

The real reason for this blog being a bit late is the fact that I was enjoying playing video games. Something I've been doing quite a lot lately :) I'm also on the hunt for an extravagant blazer.
Requirements: Colorful, Slim Fit, Awesome.

I'd like to be stylish for the upcoming pre-Christmas parties! We have a few ones coming up. The legendary Satin Circus one(!) and we just got invited to Sony's  "Glögi-party". If you're hardcore you'll take a time travel back in ... well time, and check out our blog posts from last year. You might just find something interesting! Not that I advise you to do it. :D At least we've come a long way from last year!

That's it for me now! And I'm 10 min late... But this one goes out to all of you night-owls. I know you're still up waiting for this post to be released. Here it is!

Stay Classy dear Popsters <3
- the kripp ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪

the boys <3

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