Monday, December 10, 2012

Chestnuts roasting in the Library

Hi there Popsters!

What a week! Feels good to actually do something instead of barricading ourselves in the studio writing songs. The past months have been a bit rough and sometimes we even feel our well of creativity is running out. But I guess that's how life is; ups and downs. The only thing inevitable is change. This past week was extremely important for us! Mainly because of one thing. You. 

You have no idea how happy you make us.
You have no idea how much you inspire us.
You have no idea how thankful we are.
We had no idea how much you care.

sweat tears of love

On saturday we had an unplugged gig in Kirjasto 10. It was incredible to see so many of you there. You made the concert so special. The atmosphere was lovely and the fact that we could play for you close enough to hear you sing along made us all fuzzy inside :) We're truly amazed over how much you help us to develop as a band. We always thought we are doing this all by ourselves, but boy were we wrong. You guys fuel us and you make us do our best.

Special thanks to all of the lovely presents and for singing Happy Birthday to me ;___; It was insane! :) Presents are always fun <3 but even more important is you showing up! Even if you have to wake up early in the morning and jump on a 4 hour train ride. That's just super cool.

another opportunity to dress up <3

On wednesday we were guests at #Bloggpriset2012 in Korjaamo. Basically like the Oscars, for blogs, in Finland. But it was super fun. We were asked to present the award for this year's most inspiring blog. They only required a one minute long speech... The day of the gala crept closer and we were confused until we finally
came up with the obvious! Let's make a song out of it. It was super silly but the crowd went wild. Overall it was a great event!

Yesterday we were in Jyväskylä playing at the Aito Joulukonsertti with Robin. It was super fun! In the beginning it felt a bit weird playing the real set after playing mostly acoustically. But we caught up fast! There's both pros and cons in small gigs vs big gigs. But we love 'em both! <3 We got to meet more fans afterwards which was great! You guys are the best!

winter wonderland

feels good to be on the road

Posting some winter pictures for our international readers! Snow is cool.

paul was scared sh*tless before the gig, I tried my best to cheer him up!
After the gig we enjoyed a deserved rest in the new Solo by Sokos Hotel Paviljonki. The design was exquisite. We sat in the sauna for hours and afterwards I watched a movie with Ryan Gosling (♥) when the others had a go at Jyväskylä's nightlife.

We just reached 1.6k fans today! It's super cool to see that people actually like us. We put so much effort in everything we do so it's great to see that it really pays off! Just remember that it's you that give us the opportunity to do this all! Thank you! and welcome to the club if you're reading our blog for the first time! great to have you on board! This blog updates every monday and since last week we also started a video blog that likewise, comes out once a week. We have a twitter account @satincircus and an instagram account @satincircus follow us! And our biggest announcements are made on our facebook page so be sure to like us there! Oh, and we also have a website

Thank you so much for this week. It's been special for us, because of you! This saturday 15.12 we're playing in Turku, Caribia with Robin. Hope to see as many of you there. We're super excited! Have a good week take care and be safe!  

Stay Classy dear Popsters <3
- the kripp ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪ 

See you next week!

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