Monday, August 26, 2013

The last week of August

Hi Popsters,

Tonight we'll have an odd gig. Sony Music has flown their executives from Sweden, Norway and Denmark to Helsinki to listen as we play a gig in a secret venue. So there's not gonna be anyone else in the audience than a couple of music business guys. I guess it's not gonna be one the wildest crowds ever, but we have to pull off a great show since this gig can have a major effect on what's gonna happen in the next few months. 

The weird thing is that even though this is one of the most important gigs we've had so far, I'm not at all nervous. We have practiced so much and we've had a lot of gigs, so I'm very confident that we're gonna rock it tonight! :) If we manage to have fun on the stage the way we always do I can't see anything that could ruin the show. One thing that we've learned this summer is that no matter what kind of technical disaster happens on the stage, if you don't let it affect your performance it won't matter. We even had a gig where my in-ear monitor system crashed and I had to play the entire gig without hearing a thing that the other guys played. It was something we had feared for a longtime but that gig just showed us that doesn't matter as long as you're just having good time with the audience and don't let little setbacks affect you (an attitude that goes well with anything in life :)).

Krippe getting ready

Last week we shot some new stuff to our upcoming music video. The location was very cool and I think we got some really nice footage! :) The release date is not that far away, so you get to see it soon and judge for yourself :)

Another highlight from the last week was the open air screening of the movie "Moulin Rouge" in the center of Helsinki. I hadn't never been at such an event and it was so cool! The atmosphere was perfect: thousands of people having a picnic an watching the movie in the sunset and applauding to the best scenes. It's also one of my favorite movies, so it couldn't have been better :) Such a shame that things like these only occur during the Helsinki Festival. I'd like to do something like this every week! :D

The screen outside the Helsinki Music House 

Next week we'll go back to our normal schedule and start writing new song again. Looking forward to that! :)

Much love,
- Social Joe <3

Ps. Last week I had a dream where Paul first peed on me and then staged me to a crime :D I woke up being extremely mad at him before I realized it was just a dream. Just saying…

The villain...

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