Monday, August 12, 2013

Nauvo & Lintsi!

Wow. What a week!

Going back to work has been the best thing that has happened this summer!

I love chilling and driving the boat and stuff and it was great to take a break from everything, but getting back to doing what you love most of all is the best possible way to end a vacation. We've been practicing every day and we've also been listening to our almost finished first album. It's gonna be so freakin amazing!!! We all have new favorite songs. Emma is great, but I have to say that the album has at least 5 songs that are even better ;)

This weekend has been one of the best weekends ever. On Friday I went to Linnanmäki with my friend. I hadn't been there since 2004 so there was a lot of new stuff to try! It was superfun, although we felt a little nervous in some of the machines :D

On Saturday we took off to Nauvo, a small town in the Finnish archipelago. Playing there felt amazing, it's been three weeks since our last gig and we really enjoyed playing live again. We had a much bigger audience than we had expected and everybody was having a great time! After the gig we had a lot of time to hang out with fans, something we always try to do. And when Krista Siegfrids performed later that night she asked us on stage to shoot at the audience with water guns :DD that was probably one of the funnest things I've ever done :D I recognized some of our fans in the front row and might have aimed a little at them although we were supposed to shoot in the air... :P hahahaaa but that was so funnnn!

After the gig we enjoyed the Nagu nightlife;) great night!!

going to Nauvo!
Nauvo sunset & Plu
Water guns backstage...
Water guns on stage :D
The next morning we took off to Linnanmäki, this time to play a gig! A big group of fans were waiting for us like 6 hours before the gig, and that was kinda cool! When we finally got on stage we were overwhelmed by the big crowd, probably one of the biggest we've ever played for!! The gig was greater than ever, and we all enjoyed it a lot (although my feet were almost ripped off when I went in the front to play my saxophone solos) :D

#Backstage Lintsi
the autograph queue!
Thank you Linnanmäki <3
Today we had a photo shoot for our album cover and other stuff. We had the best time ever. Great styling, great make up & hair, great photographer, great A&R, everything just felt just as it should. Sooooo good!! We're gonna get some veeeery cool photos!! 

photoshoot! more photos on Instagram :)
Our next gig is next Friday in Porvoon Urheiluhalli. It's a big venue and playing there is gonna be supercoool! You should get there on time, I've heard that some girls are planning to start queueing at six in the morning… 

You can get your tickets here :)

I don't know what more to say. It feels so good to be back. In the following weeks we're gonna finish the album and play more gigs. We're also filming some more stuff to our upcoming music video for the second single! See you soon! ;)


New fan Eve, 3 years old <3

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  1. Thanks for shooting on me and my friends :D Thanks for everything!