Tuesday, August 20, 2013

monday monday


This weeks highlight was probably the gig in Porvoo! Thank you. It was amazing. When we had packed our car and we were just about to leave I took my regular seat and I remember thinking to myself, "Feels good to be home". Being on the move & playing gigs makes me feel alive! I lurvv it.

The crowd was crazy at the gig and we signed autographs for hours after the gig! It was nice to meet so many new people that enjoy our music. Big up to the tech-crew, everything worked flawlessly! And the whole gig was streaming live on national radio which was pretty neat! Check out EMMA live HERE!

This photo sums up the whole concert pretty well!

Our next gig is this Saturday (24.8) Mopo-rock in Roihuvuori! That's actually where I started my music career by playing the violin when I was 4! (I wanted to play the trumpet, but because of my asthma it wasn't such a great idea) Hope to see you all there!

This was a really short blog entry. But you know what? Life is short, so go out there and enjoy yourself! I'm meeting up with a friend who's moving abroad to study, so I need to go :) There's not much left of the summer, so take your chance and go out on midnight swims, park picnics and eat your berries while they're still fresh! Autumn in soon here and you'll get to enjoy Paul's mushroom stories...

next week I'll think of something smarter to say. sometimes silence is gold.

stay classy 

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  1. Ei hitsi repeen aina tolle alimmaiselle kuvalle xD