Monday, September 2, 2013


Today was the first morning I felt that it really smelled like autumn. You see, there'd been a couple of cold days already, but I had not yet felt that vibrant scent of the first burst of chlorophyl leaving the green leaves. And I welcome this, beacause autumn is a time of rebirth, ironically. You finally get yourself together after a long and loose, yet wonderful summer. You quit your old schemes and pursue new challenges. You build up the base for a new creative goal, and let it blossom again next summer. Today I had a strong feeling that this fall is gonna be full of challenges that I or we have never yet experienced. You see, we are facing an ancient dilemma: THE SECOND ALBUM. Oh yes, dear reader, I know we haven't even released our first album yet, but it is now finished non the less, and the songwriting for the next one has started. And whatever the success or un-success of the first record may be, one thing is clear as crystal: the second album HAS to be (even) better! 

And as if, but not on purpose, to nullify this great speech I give you this picture. It's not staged... :) Hurray. Towards new challenges ya all!

Take care.

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