Monday, April 2, 2012


Hey guys!
It's been an amazing week! So much has happened during the past days! You know the feeling when you've just bought your favorite candy (mine's Rowntree's® fruit pastilles), you take a few and suddenly they're gone! Like candy in the wind. Anyhow, I guess you get my excellent metaphor! So much has happened in a short amount of time and we've had a great time!

So this Wednesday we had the privilege to play in Bar Soho in Porvoo. It was the semifinals in Radio X3M's band competition Popturné! Axel did a great radio-interview earlier and they even played our song on the radio! We hadn't expected anything from the band competition, we just wanted to put on a good show. And guess what?! We won! So now we get to play in the finals, which are in Vaasa. The semifinals were incredibly tight, the other bands were great! We especially enjoyed the great rock/punk trio The Onetimer! Here is an interview I did for the music forum Musik&Talang (Music&Talent) after the gig. It's in Swedish, but I guess you all speak the international language of happiness n_n

I know you're all wondering if I wear pink lipstick, but I don't. Apparently I don't need to :) So the Final is held the 11.5 in Leipätehdas, Vaasa @ 21:00! We're super stoked and hope as many of you can make it there!

On Friday we headed over to Tallinn for the Tallinn Music Week festival. It's a showcase music festival mainly for people in the music business. We had a great time! Loads of inspiring panel debates and innovative new ideas within the music field. Met loads of new people and got great contacts! Our favorite was Dire Straits' legendary manager Ed Bicknell! He's a funny man I'll tell you that :) People were surprised to see a band directly approaching them and everyone were positively surprised! "Ohh, you're one of the colorful ones" was heard frequently :D Our promotion led to that many were genuinely interested but I won't reveal anything more ;) You'll see what the future brings! We also came across an amazing duo called Instrumenti! Absolutely breathtaking! They were multi-talented virtuosos with great persona! One of the best live bands I've ever seen! They will surely be out there soon!

But what Paul really enjoyed the most were the strobes!

Also great food at great prices! Lovely architecture combining old and new! I even went to my first dubstep disco! Had loads of fun! Wobble wobble! :)

We came back on Sunday and feels good to be back in routine! Even our Monday Morning band practice felt great! We are getting everything together neatly for tomorrows gig!! I can't wait to play our new songs for you! Everyone's eager to show what we've done with our existing songs and to present you with our new tunes! So this is a gig you REALLY don't want to miss!! So tomorrow Tuesday 3.4 @ 21 Satin Circus pops out in Café Mascot Neljäs linja 2!

That's it for me now! Have a lovely week and hopefully I'll see you all tomorrow! -krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪

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