Monday, April 23, 2012

Oxford Circus, Cambridge Circus, Piccadilly Circus. Where is Satin Circus?

As you can see from my previous posts, I'm this band's true jet-setter . Whenever I'm not sippin' on a smoothie or writing by my baby grand, I'm most probably in some place out in the world that is too cool for the other SC-members ;) Recent visits include New York and St. Petersburg, and now it's time for London!

Having been in more than 30 countries, and having seen most of the European capitals, I can say that London is truly something unique. Nowhere else in the world you actually get thrown out of a bar at 11 pm, and they give you a plastic mug for your beer. Basically take-away beer! (That happened the first night..)

My friend Kira, who we went to see, studies at UCL, one of the top universities in the world. Coldplay was formed in the halls of UCL so for me it's the best university :D They've even left a crappy piano somewhere in the halls cause Chris Martin basically wrote Yellow on it...

We lived in Camden, the hippest place around. The place where Orlando Bloom lives, where Amy Winehouse died, and where Colplay's two previous albums were composed and recorded at their own studio "the Bakery". Camden is also the place for cool LED T-shirts, so you know what I'll be wearing on the next SC-gig!  

Traveling with Vertti, the next big thing in the world of industrial design, and Stella, the soon-to-be record company boss, it was easy to find things to do. Vertti, an artistic type as he is, insisted that we got to watch an exhibition by Damien Hirst, the richest artist in the UK. Modern and very shocking art…

Being in London without seing a musical is like going to Rome without eating pizza. (although apparently some people in our band seem to think the food in Rome is not that good…) There's a difference between a musical in London and a musical in Helsinki. It's like comparing Coldplay's live show to Arttu Wiskari's. You know.. We saw We Will Rock You, not the best I've seen, but the professionalism and the way they do it still amazes me! (sorry about the coldplay-comparisons, that's what london does to you..)

London has the best pub food in the world. As you can see from this picture, it's really something else. mmmm <3

And my breakfast at the legendary Breakfast Club: Pancakes Eggsited (pancakes, ham, cheese, egg, and maple syrup.) yummy! and the pomegranate smoothie <3333

We also had London's best Lebanese food!

That was London. I've already bought tickets to Berlin for the summer, and hopefully that trip will involve something more than just chillin'. Let's just say we know some very interesting people who live there…


In the studio things are moving forward, and we're getting close to the end of the production! We've spent two whole days recording backing vocals for the 4 songs, and today we did the final lead vocals and the saxophone. The mixing starts tomorrow! We're all really excited!!! 

We're also having another videoshoot on thursday, but we'll talk more about that later :)

-Axel <3

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