Monday, April 16, 2012

Natural Sweetness

Hello, hello! 

Today we're taking part of a cool new concept called "Luomustudio". The finnish word luomu translates to "ecological", but it also contains the meaning "natural". Their aim is to portrait a song in the most genuine and stripped down way, all acoustic, with only one camera-angle! 

While I was buying batteries for our Brio toy-train I found a nice surprise in the ice-cream department. One of my favorites from my childhood:

Childhood is also the theme for our luomustudio video. We have collected our favorite toys from our early years, and put together a massive playground, full of teddies, cars and building blocks. And coolest of all we have a massive Brio wooden railway, with a golden gate bridge and all! 

Childrens games are innocent and natural, and we want to grasp all that happiness and beauty in our songs too. It's good for anyone to sometimes leave the "adult" problems alone for a while, and just let go. Play a board game, or listen to your favorite music from years ago, or perhaps do a few dance steps to a Satin Circus song. =) 

Ah, I just can't get over how nice this video is gonna be! Axel's playing his new best friend, a 80's model Yamaha toy-synth he bought on Ebay. I'm playing my upright* =D  And were all acoustic! It sounds great!

Check out all the pics of this funhouse! I bet it's gonna take a while to clean up after the take. Or… why not just leave it there? What do you say Olli? (It's his apartment!)

The video will be up in a few weeks on luomustudios youtube channel. Check out what the other bands have done:

*sounds funny to call it an upright-bass, since I was voted to play it sitting 3-1. 
Yes, Satin Circus democratic system can be hard to deal with sometimes. =D

See you next week <3


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