Monday, April 9, 2012


Hey you popsters! 

Ahh it feels so good to be doing the very thing we play in a band for: gigs! After a somewhat long pause we've been "on the road" again and had two amazing gigs. And there's more to come (check our page regularly to be up to date, more gigs coming up all the time)!  As fun as it is to work in the studio, it's not the reason we picked up the instrument in the first place. I guess Teemu Brunila (the singer in The Crash) managed to verbalize the feeling when you're on the stage and see everybody in the room dancing, smiling, enjoying and just going f**king crazy(!): the-whole-body-orgasm. Now there's a feeling you want to experience again :D And the instant feedback you get when just watch people's faces while playing is just priceless. Especially when it's positive! :)

As Krippe mentioned last week, we were in Tallinn promoting Satin Circus at the TMW-festival. It was such a great experience and I think we came back as a whole new band, meaning that now we know exactly what we want to do and how we want to do it. We also learned that what we are doing is just so unique even in the international scale that the world is just going to go nuts when we get the EP out (in May, be patient:)! We met the guy who pitched "Stronger" to Kelly Clarkson (Billboard #1) and the manager of the boy band Blue. So that gives you an idea of the caliber of people who were down there. And the best part is that they wanted to hear our upcoming EP! So big things ahead… x)

By the way we've been bouncing around this idea of starting video blogging. What do you think? 

So here's a guy playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with cats...

Social Joe <3

Ps. So what's the deal The Hunger Games (movie, not the book)? I mean I can see why Twilight is so popular but wow… I went to see it and was just utterly amazed by the quality of this thing (and not in a good way, if you wondered). It made the box office record on it's opening weekend so obviously I've missed something here. Can someone please point it out for me?

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