Monday, April 29, 2013

Emma Emma I am your door

Yo Popsters!

What a week! We're exposed. EMMA is exposed. She hit YouTube, YleX, NRJ, X3M, Spotify, Findance, Iltalehti, Blogs & Twitter well the whole freaking internet with a BLAST! I don't know what to say, other than it feels awesome. We've waited so long for our first proper release and now you finally have this one song that you can suck on 'til you get the whole album!

I guess there's quite a few new readers out there today and probably loads of questions so I've compiled a FAQ of my own.

Question #1. What are we?
mirror shot n_n'
We're a pop band called Satin Circus consisting of krippe, Axel, Olli & Paul who all have this huge love for music so we started a band. We write and play our own songs and we try to make people feel *something* through our music. Right now we're working in our upcoming debut album! Writing songs, testing out synth sounds and trying to make something concrete out of all our crazy ideas. We've had this band for about three years and you'll probably find a lot of not so representative material of us if you take time to dig around the internet :D But we're always cool, so go ahead! (you can start by going back in time in this blog, right sidebar ->) Our fans are called Popsters because just like us they love pop music. Some have been with us for years, other for a day. But we're so very glad to have all of you on board, because without you no one would listen to our music. So thank you! Seriously.

I think that answer was pretty good.

playing, because it's the best thing we know
So now you're probably thinking, "What an interesting band, I wanna know more, see what they are up to".

Question #2. Where can you find us?

Head over to for our most formal updates and announcements (press like) is where we tweet. 1,4k tweets so far and still going strong. Which brings me to the next thing, Twitcams. We have twitcams every now and then sometimes in Miami, sometimes not. We'll have our next twitcam once we hit 1000 followers on Twitter! So if you wanna see us, ask us stuff, hang around, see us play EMMA live etc. spread the word :) for videos and stuff. We have vBlogs every now and then :) Subscribe! . Pretty self-explanatory. Pictures, pictures and pictures. Over 400 photos and growing.

and then there's of course this blog. It updates every monday and the writer changes every week. This week it's me kripster.

I'm the singer and the guitarist in the band. The one with blonde hair and blue eyes. It's always hard to describe oneself. So I think it's best if you find out on your own :) (or ask a fellow popster). I love when  people come to our gigs and love to meet new people. Which is a nice equation for you if you're curious

Rocking my keytard on a gig

These blogs have always been kind of free form and we don't stress too much about them and I feel really good right now so I might as well call it a night :) It's super nice to have you on board the popster train. Glad you like our music!

Oh yeah! One last thing thing!
If you would like to support us you can buy our single on iTunes
Once you've bought the single you can still pop-out on Spotify to raise us to the Top-list
If you want to see our music-video head over to to raise the views <3

costume party
and last but not least! It would mean the world to us if you would press HIMOITSE on radio YleX competition. Not sure if it's a competition. shouldn't be... music is no competition. Anyhow whatever this himoitse (craving, yearning, lust) is, go do it, everyday (with different browsers and devices ;) right here -> spanks!

What is left to say now? I know. Good night. Hope you all sleep like little babies and wake up happy and energetic! (I hope I will) May-Day is nigh! If I remember correctly we might even have an interview on YleX tomorrow at some time. So stay tuned! :)

From our trip to Berlin 

Feels good to start this new era.

Stay Classy dear Popsters!
-krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪ ♥

The photos you see in this blog are just random photos of us from the past years. Just so you see who we are. :) toodles)


  1. You have forgot Emma is playing at Radio Extrem to.

  2. I love this song soooo much! Love u all<3