Monday, April 22, 2013

EMMA 24.4.2013!!!!!!!

2 days and we will be a real band, with a release. Kinda cool. We've been waiting for over 3 years and it's finally happening!!! It's impossible to tell you how we feel. We've had so many ups and downs during the way here but we've made it. And this is only where it starts…

On Wednesday April 24th our first single ever, EMMA, will be released. It will first be available at iTunes at 00:10 Finnish time. The music video will be on YouTube at 8 in the morning. The song will be on Spotify at noon. Cool. And NRJ will be the first radio channel to play it!!

You've probably seen some of the teasers by now, and I hope you like them! The teasers show only small parts of the video, there is sooo much more to bee seen, including my crazy saxophone-madness! ;)

If you like the video, the best thing you can do is to share it to all your friends and relatives and tell everybody about us! Sharing is caring and we'd be really happy if you helped us reaching out to new Popsters <3

This week we're having a couple of things coming up: 

Twitcam on Wednesday 24.4! you can come and talk about the music video and ask any questions about the video or basically anything :) 

On Friday 26.4 we're playing a gig in Gloria at 20:00! It's free and there's no age limit! After us, our friend's band Elias Kaskinen & Päivän Sankarit will play their set. Really good Finnish music, you should check out their single when it comes out :)

On Saturday 27.4 we're having our Single Release Parteyyyyy in Linnanmäki! Wuhuuu! We'll be playing a couple of songs, including EMMA! It's also the opening concert for Linnanmäki, and Krista Siegfrids and Hevisaurus will be performing aswell! It's gonna be really cool so you should definitely come check it out! And it's free!

We can't wait for you to hear the song and see the video!! We really wanna know what you think!<3

Can't wait. But it's only like 25 hours til the song will be out on iTunes!!!!!

See you sooon <3


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