Monday, April 15, 2013


Aloha "amores"!!! [w. strong american accent]

My calendar will stop from working in a few weeks! From then on it's just a white sheet, an unknown land, tabula rasa... or something. That's because we're entering a new era, an era of existence!!! Then, finally we will release something of public importance... A single!!
Someone might say: "what the heck they released a music video last summer already", point, but its NOT the same! This thing bigger! This thing is BADDER! This time nothing is holding it back! This time we Own the World!!!

Well my point was to say that I don't know what to expect, but that I/we surely have put all possible time and effort into this song. And the video couldn't look better!! Honestly! I'm so proud of us all!

As far as how I've been doing now: =) I'll illustrate the past four weeks of my life with a short slideshow!!! =D It's fun!!

My bag says "hello"! He's now a movie star... he does a phenomenal job on our upcoming music video!! =D

I bought a last minute spontaneous bow-tie on JFK's Brooks & Brothers.... I like it! (don't get distracted by my sad looks on this melancholic late-night elevator photo)

I've had breakfast in my underwear on my balcony for a few days now!!! The glassed balcony acts like a greenhouse, giving me astonishing temperatures of around 35 degrees celsius, while the outside air is around -5!!!!
 I always get a little Miami feeling when I do that!!!

We had a day-lasting meeting at Sony today!! Good team, good stuff! We went through some hip strategies there... ;) 

We signed a new contract!! B) 

And Krippe met one of his biggest idols!!

Remember our Tweetcam on Wednesday 17th, at 19.00!! Some real important stuff coming up there!!!

Take care Popsters!!!

See you soon! 


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