Monday, April 1, 2013

april april din dumma sill

Good evening Ladies and Gents!

It's Aprils Fool's day today and I tried to think of something original and try and fool you. Here I still am, trying to think of something funny. But since I can't make a fool out of you I might as well make a fool out of myself!

1) I think it's funny that I have been a referee for junior league football games. I know Axel, Olli & Paul will laugh at just of the thought of me having any kind of responsibility. But let me tell you this; I was a darn good ref!
2) I once got caught by the Finnish special forces team, "Karhu Ryhmä", for conducting some chemical experiments in the woods (a.k.a loud bangs). I nearly shat my pants when they appeared out of nowhere and started chasing me! When I noticed it was the coppers I tripped over a rock and fell down on the moss screaming "don't shoot, don't shoot!" What a hero!
3) I can't even count the times I've taken the wrong Metro. I Helsinki there's only one line which splits in the end. So there's two route different options, only TWO options and still I manage to cock it up! Once I was going home. I was tired and it was late, and so it happened that I didn't notice that the train was going to Mellunmäki instead of Vuosaari. Angrily I stepped off the train waiting for the metro once again, towards the same way I just had come... Finally it came, I got on it and I stared out the window cursing my life for my own stupidity. When I came to the transfer station I saw my train on the other side of the track! "Yeah! I will catch that train even if that's the last thing I do in my life", I thought as I ran as fast as I could, up the escalator over the floor, down the stairs and finally into the metro train! Wohoo! I made it! Or so I thought, I was once again in the wrong metro going in the wrong direction..
4) I eat ant's in the summer. (ps. the black garden ant is actually casually called sugar ant in both Finnish & Swedish! Bon appetite)
5) I still can't tie my own ties...

Well, that's enough for tonight! I still want to share Aino's lousy attempt at trying to fool us! :D You got me for like three seconds, just enough to get that strange clump in my throat. Then I realized we haven't changed at all so it must be a joke and I proceeded by Rick Rolling her.

Next week we'll get to see the first raw versions of the music video we shot in Miami! I don't know what to say, we might even get it released some day! :) Just hang in there, spring is just around the corner. And Spring is always full of surprises. Just like Axel's goodie bag he got while "virpoing" all around town.  --->
See ya!
-krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪ ♥

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