Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A day late, not a dollar short

Hi Popsters!

Yes yes I know… It's Tuesday and I'm a day late. But I have a very good excuse though :D

So yesterday I was walking home from the gym thinking about writing this blog entry when I'd get home, but then all of the sudden my phone rang. Our A&R from Sony called and told that the first draft of our music video would be waiting for us in our e-mail. So even though I was exhausted from the work out, I ran home and opened my laptop… AND OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! For the rest of night I was so blown away that I totally forgot the blog. even the first draft of the video looks SO AMAZING!! I can't wait for you guys to see it!! :) Now there's really nothing that can keep us from rocking the world, except North Korea but I count on Kim that he will come out and reveal that it was all just a prolonged 1st of April prank :)

Here Krippe's reaction when he first saw the video :D

The release date of our debut single and the music video is not that far away, and we're so excited!! We'll let you know the exact date soon! :)

Last Friday we had an unplugged gig in a shopping center called Hansa in Kouvola. It was so nice to get to play live after a somewhat long break. We played a couple of new songs and did something that we haven't done in a long time: played a cover :) The song was "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles. If you know the song, you know that it is very different in style from our own songs, but it was very fun to play, and I think it fitted in quite well. Please tell us what you thought about it and the new songs :)

Playing in Kouvola

I also made my debut as a part-time glockenspiel player :D

It was so heart warming to see once again so many people to show up :) We really love and need the feedback and support you guys give us <3 I hope that we can be even a little bit as sweet and supportive to you as you guys are to us <3 Much love <3

Meeting the Popsters <3

The gig and meeting all the fans was a lot of fun, but so was the trip back :D I'm not going go into any details, but trust me it was hilarious ;) There's just something magical about hitting the road with your best friends. That's always when the best and funniest things happen, and that's why I'm waiting for touring the world with SC so impatiently :) 

...on the road... 
- Social Joe <3

Ps. Last week Paul went out to get some coffee during our rehearsals. We got bored waiting for him, so we made this :)

Pps. Here's the crew that shot the video above <3
The camera crew <3

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