Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gigging! :)

Hi Popsters! 

Emma has been out for two weeks now, and we've learned a lot about music business. We thought that we'd have known how this game is played, but it turned out that we knew nothing :D By this I mean nothing negative (it's been a lot of fun) but it's just funny to look back two weeks and notice how much we have learned in such a short period of time. Of course we're still in the very beginning, but we're eager to learn more, and one day we'll master this thing :)

An interview at Radio YleX

Guess what? We're gonna have our first gig in Hartwall Arena sooner than we ever expected! :) 23.5 there will be a charity event called "Elämän Kevät", and we're gonna be playing there on the big stage. Two days from that we'll be playing at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium in a sports event called Staffet Carneval, so we'll be having a short arena tour :D 

Yesterday I was at the gym working out and something great happened! I was near the end of my program and a bit exhausted when all of the sudden I heard EMMA playing on the radio! Somehow music has a special power when you're working out, and I had always wondered how it would feel to one day hear your on own song during a work out. And it felt great! Suddenly I wasn't at all tired and could push trough the final sets like I'd have just started. Lately I've had few of these "a dream comen true" -moments, and I hope there's more to come :)

Today we're gonna be playing at "Share a Coke" -event which is held in Kamppi, Helsinki. They are building a big stage to one plaza in Kamppi, and we're gonna have three shows there. We're very excited about this, and let's hope that a lot of people will show up. We'll be also handing out Emma Coke cans that were custom made for us, so if you want to get a special SC collector's item, today is the day! :)

We got custom made Coke cans! :)

Much love,
- Social Joe <3

Ps. Last Saturday we had an unplugged gig at the Spring Kids Fest 2013. It was so nice to see so many Popsters to show up once again! Thanks <3 

Unplugged gig at the Spring Kids Fest 2013

Pps. If you want to help us to clamp the chart at Radio YleX, please go to this page http://ylex.yle.fi/artisti/satin-circus/biisi/emma and push the pink "HIMOITSE" button. We're now #2 and it's only 70 votes to the #1! :)

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