Monday, May 13, 2013

At the Gym



Still excited about EMMA! And why shouldn't we! She's doing quite well on Finnish radio, and France to! Bisous!! <3 It's gonna take a while until it has reached all corners of the world, but that's where we all can make a difference with just a simple gesture such as sharing the video, for example. In cyberspace music travels fast and far =)

It's good to keep your mind at other stuff than music, and me and Axel have grown a new love in going to the gym! 
In my previous year of existence i have totally underestimated the joy and importance of exercise. With a few year junior football team "career" behind me I thought I was safe from this terrible sweaty thing called "sports". During many years as an ignorant musician I completely undermined my own health by rating sports and athletic training as something trivial and useless. How foolish of me... =/ BUT! In january 2013 Olli "forced" me and Axel to take a fitness-club membership with him... and here we are... hours of blood, sweat and tears later... a few lost kg;s... a looot of gained muscles.... I'm SOLD!! It's almost an addiction by now! Aims set for the beach ;)

(Boris Vallejo)

And now, enjoy some never seen footage from East-Berlin!! =D 

Good night!!!