Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer's on her way!

Spring is here!!! But actually it feels more like summer. It's 10 in the evening and I'm sitting on my balcony writing this, and it's f*****g beautiful here. You should see this! Unfortunately my phone's camera can't capture the colors.

The last four weeks have been amazing and so filled with work and new things that I don't even know what to say. There's so much new stuff to take care of when we're finally a "real" band. Our song is on powerplay on four radio channels in Finland, and also on NRJ in France! The best thing though is that we've been playing live a lot, and we've got a lot of new popsters who show up on every gig! Thanks for the support<3

Live in Kamppi!

And we've done good on the Ylex "Himotuimmat"-chart, and that's all thanks to you #popsters!! If you wanna help us get even higher on the chart, go do it here :) 

We've been working a lot on the album, and we're on a good way. Everything should be done by the time it's my turn to write the blog again, and that feels kind of scary. We've been writing these songs for the past three years and soon it will all be ready, and that's when the fun starts!! The album will be released in September, and before that we're gonna have a second single and also a new music video!

In the following weeks we're gonna have some international meetings and it's gonna be really interesting to see what everybody has to say. Basically everyone in the music industry so far has liked Emma so we're waiting for their thoughts on the other songs!

Summer is coming! There's only a couple of weeks of school left and everybody's getting ready for the summer of their lives. At least I am! One fun thing is that I'm actually gonna graduate from my school, although I didn't think it was possible. I haven't exactly been the best student during the past few years when all of my time has gone to this band. But it's a music school and they're supporting what we do so that's really great. One of my final assignments (along with writing a 25 page report about Emma) was to write sheet music to the song. I haven't done that in years but a full score of Emma is on its way :D 

EMMA score :D

The two biggest concert venues in Helsinki are Hartwall Areena and the Olympic Stadium. Here's something fun: we're performing in both of those next week :D Thursday we're in Hartwall and Saturday we're on the Olympic Stadium. Get your tickets for Thursday's show here! 

We've got all kinds of fun stuff on the way, and one of them is an Emma-competition on Instagram! Go check it out!

It's getting cold on the balcony so all I can say is: See You in June! But hopefully I'll see you before that on our gigs!;)

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