Monday, October 28, 2013


Hello readers!

I'm in a good mood, for no real reason I guess. This is a great time to start writing a blogpost. 

I bought some tea from my favorite tea shop on my way home through downtown. At the shop I asked for a random green tea, and they handed me a big bag of green tea to scent... and ohhh, I smelled a marvelous field of new, sweet, spring grass. It was the same tea that I had bought the very first time I visited this little boutique. It  remains my favorite green, even though I had forgot it for a few years. It's a Chinese green tea from the Jiangxi province, named Wu Lu Shan. Luve it!


This meatless oriental yummy-wok was my todays experiment. Being a complete vegetarian this October has opened my eyes for a new super-tasty protein source. These so called soy-slices are one of the best meat substitutes you can get. You can make them so nice and squishy when prepared slowly, or you can fry them until they're crispy and crunchy (and the superlazy one can eat them just as they are...dry...nogood). AND they contain 45g protein per 100g.

So today I decided to wok them together with some veggies. I paired them up with 100g cabbage, one carrot, one sweet pepper, one garlic, two onions and some fresh ginger. First off you have to soak the dry soy-slices. It'll take some 15 min, so be sure to count that in your cooking schedule. Put the slices in a bowl and pour on some boiling water untill they're totally covered. Next comes an important phase in cooking veggie: You have to spice the soy well!! I happened to use this ready mix of spices for thai wok.... normally I don't use those, but I had one free sample from some past event. I must say it worked very well. Well, still. You can switch that for curry, chili, soy sauce, some fresh garlic, lime, and any other oriental(/or not) spices you like or find suit. Just remember to use a lot!

The soy and marinade.

You will need:
60g dried soy-slices
100g cabbage
1 carrot
1 sweet pepper
2 small onions
1 garlic (or 2 for the soy-slices)
2 sets of noodles
soy sauce
curry or other nice spices

When you have that under control chop the vegetables and take out a large wok pan. Start by putting a lot of oil. 1/2 dl almost. Be prepared to use a lot of oil for woks, otherwise it will burn, or taste dry. All of the other ingredients have little to non fat, so you're safe here. :) Start by frying garlic and onions, together with the soy, until they've gained a little tan. Then add the rest of the veggies. At this point you can throw in the spicy sauce you marinated your soy with in the wok to give it some extra taste. In the meantime pour some boiled water over the noodles, to give them a fast boil. You don't want them to be completely boiled, more like "al dente" however wrong that phrase rings with noodles. And when the noodles have cooked for some 1,5 min, you can throw them in the wok.

Fry 'till all the fluid is gone, and TaTaTaaa, you're ready!!

Serve with some fresh cabbage cut to heart shape //very important!!!

Kisses and stuff!


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