Monday, October 14, 2013

let it snow


I just witnessed the first snowflakes of this season, I also tipped Axel's seasoned noodle soup on his clothes. While it's chilly outside the chili covers him while the rest of us chums are chilling with champagne doing our chores. (We finally cleaned our studio)

Axel and Olli had really cool vacations abroad, but even tho' I stayed in Finland I had it pretty good! I visited my beloved family (or what's left of them here in Finland) and had some quality time with myself! Movies, computer games, reading and plenty of tea. I'm reading short stories by Hemingway at the moment and there was this one guy who, when he couldn't get any sleep tried to recall all of his life. Every single day from when he first had any actual memories until the present. And as I tried it myself, I was amazed at how many flashbacks you can retrieve from virtually any time of your life once you start digging around. One happening leads to another that leads to a smell or a taste that leads you to a scrub on your knee and a hug from your mother.

Although there's been a few days when I thought this was it, Winter is no longer coming, it is HERE! This morning really cheered me up. Not that many leaves left on the trees but more sunshine than ever! My apartment is getting pretty darn cold tho'. Maybe I should finally phone the landlord and try to get him to fix the window and get rid of the draught.

aim for the stars... or something
"Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid."
- Homeros

It's the last day the amusement park Linnanmäki is open so I'm going to have a look at what's happening! I know there's gonna be fireworks and Paula Koivuniemi! I might have a go at the Kummitusjuna (Train of Terror?), Vekkula (House of Horsing around) and Top Spin! Those were always my favorite rides. Not to forget going up with the Panorama thingy and gazing out over Helsinki. The evening is called Valokarnevaali (The Light Carneval) so I bet the view is going to be beautiful.

Have a great night guys and thank you for your support.
It's there everyday and it helps us stay focused. I can't emphasize it enough.


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