Tuesday, October 8, 2013

wake me up when October ends

Fall is here. I love it. The nights are getting darker and colder but I don't mind. Music always sounds much better in the fall, at least some kinds of music. My favorites right now are Hey Brother by Avicii, Lifesaver by Sunrise Avenue and Atlas by Coldplay. 3 of the most amazing songs this year and they've all been released during the last month. Check out my Spotify-list here if you want to know what songs I like the most at the moment :)

Every summer I've been somewhere abroad for at least a couple of days, but not this time, I simply didn't have the time with all the band stuff going on. But on friday I'm leaving somewhere for a couple of dayssss!! yeaaa. I'll tell you later where I'm going cause I don't even have the flight tickets yet :D

I've been feeling overly happy the few days for no apparent reason.. I don't know why but I'm smiling all the time haha. I even said I love fall even though I've always hated it.. Weird stuff.

Maybe it's just because we've been doing lots of fun stuff during the last few weeks. Fan-meeting & unplugged gig @ Sony, roadtrip to Vaasa, golf-day (:D), TV-gigs (EL & MGP), parties.... Follow our Instagram and our twitters if you wanna stay tuned :)