Friday, October 25, 2013

TRE & More

Hi Popsters,

Another month has passed since my last entry. Crazy… :D

Last weekend we were in Tampere playing a gig. It was part of "Lost in Music" festival, which was a showcase festival for music industry people. Shows like that are always odd ones to do, because they are so different from the normal gigs. The audience there is not fans (although some fans showed up too, and thank you for that!) or normal music listeners, but people who make their living out of music (I guess some of them can be normal too...;D). That's why it's very different to perform to them, and I know that many musicians hate it, but I think we've always been good at those shows. As long as we're just having fun together on the stage it's all fine :)

Welcoming committee @Tampere. Thanks guys <3 

So as said the gig went well, but we did have a lot of fun off stage too. Our 15th floor hotel room had a magnificent view over the central Tampere (I guess that must be the highest floor I've ever slept) and the Tampere nightlife proved to be worth of the stories :D Not to forget the hotel breakfast and morning sauna: something I always take advantage of when we're on the road, since those are the luxuries I don't have at home. Or I didn't have…

I shit you not, I just moved into a huge mansion! It's quite an upgrade from my old one bedroom flat :D So now I have like four bathrooms, sauna, jacuzzi and a huge terrace. The catch is, that I'm not gonna stay here for long, since the owners are coming back soon and I have to get a new apartment, which will be a one bedroom flat again. It's gonna take a while before I get to live in a place like this again, so I'm gonna enjoy every bit of it while I can! :)


During the past week we did this "mini radio tour". We went to YleX and NRJ and played unplugged set for the crews. It was so cool to meet all these new people, and I think both of those stations have a better understanding about who we are and what we do now when they have seen us live. Big thanks goes to our PR person Tommi! Gotta love Tommi <3


Much Love,
- Olli <3

Ps. If a bus route runs late every single day, doesn't it mean that that is the time it takes for a bus to drive the route and somebody at HSL should just correct the timetable so that people wouldn't have to be FREEZING THEIR ASS OFF FOR THE EXTRA 5 MIN EVERY MORNING?! Thank you.

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