Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Vacation

Since everyone's had a great vacation and your day/night rhythm is messed up I think it's only appropriate that I'm posting a tad bit late! So you've probably guessed (or not) that it's me, krippe! I had a wonderful vacation. If I'd have to describe it in three words, they would have to be boardgames, gyoza, blueberry shots and WoW. That was four... So, the comic question of the day is; how was your vacation? (please comment in the section belowww)

Furthermore, we had an excellent meeting with Music Export Finland. They promised to help us with conquering the world! The next stop is Estonia, yay! The land of fun fun fun! We'll keep you posted (:

This Friday, Friday the 13th, we're playing a sensational gig for you in Nosturin Alakerta! It's such a cool venue and it's going to be stellar! As the cherry on top of the Satin Circus Smoothie (or SCS as Axel would say, he appears to be obsessed with abbreviations [and smoothies]! :) you'll have the opportunity to hear Judy! Check her out HERE! Be there or be... just be there!

We're also working on some new material. Can't wait to play it for you! It sounds fantastic, fresh and fabulous. (There you go Axel, FFF) Thanks for reading and hopefully you've had a wonderful holiday and managed to keep your resolutions so far. FYI, I've kept mine. That's 'cos I didn't make any!

Last but not least, as a preview for those who can't wait for friday I give you this video from our last gig!

See you next week -krippe ~~~()'

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