Monday, January 16, 2012

Gigs and stuff

It's your favorite Social Joe again! It's snowing in Helsinki as I write this, but don't worry, the summer is on its way :) Meanwhile here's a little update on what's going on in the life of Satin Circus. 

Last Friday we had a gig together with an another artist called Judy at Nosturin Alakerta in Helsinki. Once again it was so nice that so many people came. It's especially great to see some of the same faces showing up gig after gig! The amount of love and effort we put into this band can sometimes feel almost overwhelming, so it's really heartwarming to see that this band means a lot to other people too. It really means the world to us! Thank you so much! <3

Here's a little summary video from the gig. Enjoy! 
(Thanks to Andy!!)

Our next gig will be the opening show for the Close Encounters -festival (Arabiankatu 2, 30.1.2012 klo 19). It's going to be our biggest show so far, so see you there! More info here

The last few weeks have been busy in many ways. Here's an update on what's going on behind the scenes at the moment:

Right now we're in talks with one of the best pop-producers in Finland. He has showed some interest in starting to work with us, and if all goes as planned we'll start recording at his studio during the spring. The plan is to do 3-4 songs that would be ready for publishing and then start making contacts with European record labels. We've also talked about the possibility of getting one internationally claimed producer on board to the project. It really feels like this could be our change to make it big, so needless to say we're more than anxious to see how this turns out! We'll keep you posted.

As we mentioned before, we had a meeting with Music Export Finland, the company that's helping Finnish bands and artists to get to the international market. The meeting went super well: they showed that they believe in us, and I think these guys are going to be worth gold once the big wheels start to roll ;)

We've also finished recording one of our songs with the producer Matias "the Mixer" Koskimies, it will hit the radios sometime soon, and if you listen to Metro FM you just might hear an ad with our music and Krippe's voice. So keep your ears open. :) 

Btw. Krippe is convinced that every band should have a name for their fans. He came up with the name "Popsters". I think it's cool and something I could call myself :D This is just an idea, so let us know what you think!

- Social Joe <3

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