Monday, January 2, 2012

New York

Hi! SCSSSSP here (Satin Circus's Smoothie-Sippin' Synth and Sax player...)

As we said before, we're having a break from the Satin Circus life now for a while, but that doesn't stop us from blogging! Every Monday (or sometimes Tuesday due to time difference), till death do us part!

So, what I've been doing is pretty much cooler than what the other guys have been doing, so that's why I'm writing this. I'm currently in New York City, the coolest place in the world! I'm sure Krippe's gonna tell you that Tokyo is a
thousand times cooler but he's just wrong! Haha maybe not, when we've played gigs in both we'll rate them afterwards and come to a perfect solution.

I spent the flight programming synth sounds on my iPad, on softwares called AniMoog and Korg iMs 20. The Animoog's made by Moog, the best synth manufacturer in the world, and for 10€ you get better sounds than most 1000€ digital synths. The iMs 20 is based on the Korg Ms 20, a 3000€ analog synth, that I actually got to try at our last studio session with Matias. After trying the real thing, I finally learned to use the synth, and the iPad version is surprisingly good!

But back to NYC. There's just something about this place, and I could show you thousands of pictures of Times Square and tell you it's not the same as when you really see it, hear it, feel it. But that's just stupid. Cause it's never gonna be the same. The only place in the world where bookstores can play Sinatra followed by Jay Z and then Miles Davis or freejazz from the 60's.. It's also the only place where there is a McDonalds in the middle of a cloth store..

When I was walking down fifth avenue sippin' on my Starbucks Caramel Mocha at 7 am and feeling the city waking up, I was more of an urban adventurer than our city kid Social Joe ever will be. Punavuori is like Wisteria Lane compared to this ;)

New Yorkers walk. There's no such thing as a real coffee cup, it's all take away, the coffee, the food, the beer.... People might be stressed out and they might be working 20 hour days, but that doesn't stop them from being nice and polite. I guess all the stupid Americans are stuck in Texas or something, cause I was very disappointed to learn that even all the taxi drivers seemed to know a lot about Finland, so we couldn't tell them about polar bears on the streets and such things :( Everybody's got the NY feeling and positive attitude, from the foreign Hot Dog sellers downtown and the hipsters of Brooklyn to the stock brokers on Wall Street and the real-life Serena van der Woodsens on the Upper East Side. And I know our number 1 fan Naomi will be dying of jealousy when she hears that I ran into Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) on Brooklyn Bridge. Haha NY 1-Tokyo 0!

New Years' on Times Square would also have included Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, but I was at a cool bar in the Village, and they were playing music produced by guys we soon might be working with!

Anyway, if you wanna see pictures of New York, you can google it. If you wanna know what it's like, go there.

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