Monday, September 30, 2013

Running and stuff


I'm sitting in my sofa, got too much time to spend. That's unusual. That never happens. Usually I'm always running somewhere. Like yesterday, when I ran a half marathon race, witch is exactly 21.097494 km. :D

That's me there in the red beanie! I started off the race with Miley Cyrus - 'Wrecking Ball' playing. Man I love that song, it really gave me a kickstart! 

Now I have to brag a little, you see I've only been jogging since this april, but I still managed to get a pretty decent time. My time was 1:50:46! Yeyy. 

Apres vingt-et-une kilomètre! 

Well, it's pretty damn cold in Helsinki at the moment I tell ya'. Just a few degrees past 0 C°. Last week I actually encountered some snowflakes falling in the Helsinki city centre!! Crazy. Soo, that's why you're rather spending your days inside right :)

So just hanging inside today... Practiced some jazzzz. Poor quality on this recording but... =) Palle Danielsson's bass solo on Keith Jarret - Country

By the way the whole band is gonna be vegetarian for the coming month because of a thing called "Lihaton Lokakuu". It translates to Meatless October, and is a campaign for cutting down peoples meat intakes. So why not join in =D And then we have Movember coming up soon too ;)

My family's dog Kilda always has Movember. But never Lihaton Lokakuu i presume because this is her puppyface prior to eating some pasta carbonara. Can you say no to this?

Olli's and my hotel room in Vaasa. I always iron on the hotel... just because I can.

Take care.

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