Monday, February 18, 2013

Tricks and treats

Hello Popsters!

Tomorrow it's time for Miami!! And hold your hats, cause the new song is a killer, the video is gonna be killer, and we will look FABULOUS on it!! All thanks to our stylist Tarja and our hairdresser Tom Wennerstrand!! Personally I'll have to thank my friend Atte Heikkinen for borrowing me a crucial part of my dress. ;D 

One of our sponsors for this video is GoPro camera. The thought is that we are shooting extra material ourselves thru-ought the whole trip with these small cameras. We'll have one each, and with these versatile cams you can even film underwater!!!  Check out this trailer if you wanna se something spectacular!!! Everything we shoot with the GoPROs is bonus for the video. You know, if we get a crazy idea on our way somewhere… to go parachuting for example… then we'll do it! And then we'll persuade our director to add it to the music video! Awesome! 

Our crew in Miami consists of the director, Sami Joensuu, who has done bunch of Finnish music videos. From U.S.A. we have Mikko Timonen, who sports a pretty prominent CV if you ask me!! He's  50 Cents and Foo Fighters videos!!!! OH YEAH!! And there is also some producer waiting for us in Miami… still unsure what his role is and who he is?! =D And of course a few makeup and hair stylists are running wild, trying to keep Krippe from touching his powdered nose… perhaps? And last but not least, our wonderful A&R Olli is pulling the strings with his tender record company hands. That's our crew!

(c) Aliisa Jaakkola

And, I'll once again have to thank our fans for the extraordinarily good treatment after last thursdays gig @Rautatientori. The amount of sugary sweets we got was simply astonishing!!! We were handed cupcakes, all kinds of puddings, and candy... each one tastier than the other!! The band will get diabetes soon enough!! =DDD Also we got a package packed with Japanese sweets, straight from Tokio!! Cool! 

It was a heart and had ALL the names on it before we started... =D

We get so much fanmail and presents, and we try to keep up with you guys, cause you can be sure that each little card, gift or poem matters the whole world to us, and makes all of this even more worthwhile!! Love you all!! Oh, and the last picture is a piece of art I made of the candy I got (before I ate it) from the lovely Ameliia and Linneea sisters ;D!!

=D We got new haircuts today! Yup! I think my style took a little step in the Beatles direction maybe? That may to some of you sound interesting, but I think it looks neat!! I won't show you a picture yet!!! X)

No on to packing again.... X-]



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  1. Oon 10000% varma että tost tulee paras musiikkivideo I K I N Ä ! ;) Pitäkää pojat hauskaa Miamissa! Love ya <3