Monday, February 25, 2013

Miami & Key West

I don't know where to start.

This week has been the best time of my life, honestly. Words can't describe it. Imagine yourself doing the coolest things you know, playing music on the hottest locations in the world, doing this all with a world-class team, and having your best friends in the world around you all the time. Staying up late on the beach just playing acoustic guitar, watching the Miami sunset and talking about deep stuff, dreaming about the future, sharing secrets nobody else knows. Driving the coolest convertible with a camera car on the side filming everything. Jet-skiing in the Caribbean and watching the sun go down behind the beautiful Florida Keys, playing saxophone on the long Miami bridge in the night with the most beautiful skyline behind you. Having the best time ever. I should write a song about it.
North Beach
As for dreaming about the future, there's really something special about dreams coming true. A year ago I couldn't have imagined flying to Miami to film a video with the best crew in the world. MIAMI. That's f*cking insane!!? Seriously. The best part is that I know we've deserved this all by working like maniacs. The idea to the song that's the single now came in the dark autumn days when we thought we had lost it. We tried to write new stuff 7 days a week, 10 hours a day but everything sounded bad. The idea came on a day when we just really wanted to go home and do something else. I'm glad we kept pushing. I guess this trip is a part of the reward :) The single is freakin' awesome. The video will be. And you don't have to wait too long, just one more month.. Hang in there! 

I love it here. The people are nice, the food is good, the cars are greatttt. I've seen SO many Ferraris and Lamborghinis.. They're pretty cool but not as cool as our Mini convertible! ;) 

our Mini Cooper

We've got the best crew in the world working with us. Our camera man just flew here straight from L.A. where he was doing a video for Nicki Minaj. After seeing some of the shots he took of us I don't wonder why he's being hired by the biggest artists in the world.. It looked soooo good.. His assistant just worked with Simon Cowell and our make-up artist did a Hollywood movie. Cool. The director is awesome, and he knows exactly how to get the best out of us. There are so many amazing things coming.. I'd love to tell you everything about the video but let's keep it a secret ;) you'll see it when it's ready, and I promise you're gonna love it!

USA is great, but there's a place i love even more: The Caribbean, my second home. Okay, it's not really my second home but I wish it was.. As nice as it is to be in Miami, my favorite part of this trip (along with shooting the video) was our trip to Key West, the southernmost part of the US. We drove through the breathtaking landscapes with the roof down and listened to country on full volume! Key West is a Caribbean island that's still kind of part of the US mainland, but it's as close to Cuba as it is to Miami. This was my fifth time in the Caribbean. I truly fell in love in 2009 when I visited some of the islands and saw the coolest things I've ever seen. The culture, the people, the island food and the beautiful landscapes are something that don't exist anywhere else in the world. The mentality can be described by a shirt a waitress was wearing stating: "First I do nothing for the whole day and then I relax." In key west we were chilling at the beach, driving jet skis, partying all night long... The Caribbean small town vibe was a perfect contrast to the Miami metropol.
Highway 1 from Miami to Key West
But there's always something about a big city. We drove back in the night and saw all the skyscrapers in different colors while driving the 5 lane highway at 100 km/h (in the middle of the city!!) Pretty cool.

It's been toooo good here, I don't wanna go home to cold cold Finland. But the good thing is that once we're in Finland we've got plenty of exciting stuff coming up! Can't wait. And with the energy we've got during this week we'll manage to keep up the good mood until the summer, when it's actually quite nice in Finland too.

Thanks for watching our twitcam btw! Hope you liked it!

See you soooon<3

Luv from Miami


Jet Skis
Beach Boys after swimming


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  1. Miten ihana postaus ♥ Tä teksti sai mut itkemään :DD Oon vaan niiiiiin ylpee teistä ja en jaksa venaa tulevaa satin circusta! Ikävä, toivottavasti nähään pian <3 -A