Monday, February 11, 2013

A song brand new & a dream come true

Hi Popsters!

A new song in process
We just finished recording our first single last week! So now we can take it easy!(?) not quite…. 

Right after we got the last backing vocals recorded we went back to our own studio and got an idea for a new song. A couple days went by and the song got ready. We thought it was a very good song and so we decided to play it to our producers and the record company guys. We had a meeting at Sony Music where everybody gathered around a big table in the meeting room. We played the new song and I got a bit nervous as usually, wondering whether they are gonna like it or not. After the song ended there was a long silence until the the CEO of Sony opened his mouth: "Um… Guys, I think we're gonna change the first single". It was followed by a even longer silence until we got a word out of our mouths: "Um…ok…right…so…seriously?". After a short discussion about if this was actually possible in such a short time frame, we decided that this new song is gonna be our first single! I think it was quite "ballsy" move to make just two weeks before we're gonna fly to Miami to shoot the music video (I guess that the director wasn't crazy about the idea at first, considering that the script was already done, but after he heard the new song he was convinced). 
A coffey break with the producers
I guess there is always some crazy story behind "the all-time greatest hit songs", so we're on the right tracks :) So now we're spending all of our time in the studio recording the upcoming single. It's far from ready as I write this, but I can tell you that this one is a killer, just wait until you hear it…. :)

Krippe found a new friend in the Sony lounge.

Oh, and if you haven't heard yet… WE'RE GOING TO MIAMI NEXT WEEK!!! :D I can't tell you how excited we are about all this. We're gonna spend the week laying on the beach, cruising around, watching the sunsets… 

Years ago when we had just founded this band and I was dreaming about all the glamorous things, like getting a record deal, playing a gig for thousands of people and so on. Back then those things seemed like light years away, and I remember thinking that what would be the first time when I would feel that we've achieved something really REALLY big, something that I couldn't have experienced without this band, and how would that moment feel like. And now as I'm going to board a plane next Tuesday that will take me to Miami, I know that that moment has come and can't describe the feeling! After all those sacrifices and the countless hours of hard work, I get to fly to the USA to shoot a music video! I've heard the phrase "this is not why I started to play my instrument" being said by musicians too many times, and now I'm very proud to say that this is exactly why I started to play drums back when I was 9 years old! 
But this is all because of you. Without you Popsters we wouldn't have a record deal, there wouldn't be anybody in the audience and without you our record company wouldn't be willing to invest all the money to our music video, and we wouldn't be going anywhere. Thank you so much for all this! I love you all <3

- Social Joe

Ps. As corny as it might sound, dreams really do come true. Just don't ever stop believing and don't let anybody to tell you that you can't do something. You can <3

Pps. We're having a gig next Thursday 14.2 in Helsinki, Rautatientori at 15.30! It's free, and I'll see you there :) 
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