Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Dream Coming True


The day we’ve been waiting for for SO long time is now only a day away. This Friday our debut album “Expectations” is finally coming out! We’ve been talking about this from the very first day of Satin Circus and now it feels kind of unreal. You know when you’ve been waiting and thinking about something for a long time, you can’t really comprehend it once it happens. But I’m so glad that after Friday it’s out there for everyone to listen. It was a long process to make this record and we learned so much during it. I hope you’ll enjoy the final product even half as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Signing "Expectations"

Another “first” that we’re gonna experience this Friday is the record release gig/party that we’re having in Gloria Helsinki :) We’ve been practicing for this for over a month, and people are gonna see a whole new live show! We spend all our money buying new gear to our live setup, but finally we’re at point we’ve been dreaming about… WE’RE WIRELESS!! It may not sound that epic, but I assure you that it truly is :D No more we are stuck with the instrument/mic/IEM cables on the stage! The amount of freedom and energy is going to be phenomenal!! :) I hope we’ll see all you guys there!

Unplugged gig @ Bettina

Even though this is gonna be an important milestone in our career, I’m sure this record is gonna be one of the many that we’re gonna release. Every day that passes by assures me more and more that we’re gonna go a long way with this band. I hope that years from now I can look back to this moment as a start to an amazing ride. With that being said, one can release one’s first album only once, and therefore this is the dream come true moment for me :)

- Olli :-)