Sunday, February 23, 2014

SC on tour !!!

It's Sunday morning, 9 am. We're sitting in a van on our way from Kemi back to Helsinki. I've slept one hour.
Expectations was released last Friday 14.2, and our album release gig in Gloria was the best gig we've had so far. Unbelievable audience. The music peaked at 105 dB and the audience at 114… Crazy screaming all gig long. So nice to finally be a headliner, and having all the people listening just to us.. Can't describe the feeling! Thank you all for being there, you're the best <3

The Expectations tour started this friday with a gig in Vaasa, and yesterday we played in Kemi. Our first gig ever in Lapland! Crazy audience once again, and I just love being able to move around freely, especially in the 3 songs where I'm playing keytar!

Life on the road has been great, it's so good to finally go out of the studio and play live for everybody! We're already rating hotel breakfasts from 1 - 5 like we would have been doing this for ages :D And this is just the beginning. This night we're gonna be home and from tomorrow we're gonna live on the cruise ship M/S Baltic Princess for five days.. Nine shows! I've never played on a cruise before and I'm really looking forward to this week. We've even made our gym programs already :D

After our week at the princess we're going to Norway for 2 weeks and then back to Helsinki for our tour end shows Nosturi 15.3 and Malmitalo 18.3. This is the dream life I've been waiting for for over 4 years. And finally it's happening! THank you so much for the amazing support and hope to see you all at our shows! <3


watching hockey in the van!

Keytar hero & bass hero!

writing the blog. right now!

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