Sunday, January 12, 2014

Home At Last!


So guess what? I finally got a new apartment!! Woopwoop!! Such a relief after four months of “homelessness” :)

So if you didin’t know, I had to move out my old apartment four months ago due to a plumbing job. So since then I’ve been living out of a suitcase, constantly moving from one place to another. I thought that not having a home wouldn’t have affected me much, but turned out it did. Having your own place where you can feel save seems to be one of the very basic needs that a human being has. I only lived this way for four months, put still it really got under my skin. It’s just somehow very stressing knowing that you can’t stay in one place for very long. I can’t even imagine how it would be living on the street.

So anyway, the whole time I was going to the apartment showings, and they always seemed to have the same pattern. Everything was going nice and smooth until the question: 
- “So what do you do for living?”
- “I’m a musician. I play in a band”
- “Uh… Right… Ok so why don’t you leave me your number and we’ll get back to you”
And then I would never hear from them again. 

Now this would be the place where I could go on about how unfair that is and how prejudiced people are, but then again, if I’d own an apartment I don’t know if I would rent it to a musician either… :D

But enough with the crying, let’s concentrate on the bright side: I finally got a place! And not just some place, a really nice one too!! Just renovated apartment on the seventh floor with windows and a balcony facing to the Central Helsinki. I’m super hyped about it and can’t wait to get the keys! I never thought I’d been moving to Kallio again, but here I go :) The neighborhood seemed nice, and there are tons of nice bars near by. So if I someday get some money I could actually go to those places! ;D

Something super cool happened this week, but more about that later… ;)

Much love,
- Olli 

Ps. One has to have a cliffhanger :D

Pps. Next week (17.1 klo 16.15) we’re gonna have an unplugged gig in Ideapark Lempäälä near Tampere. Hope to see you there! <3


  1. “I finally got a new apartment!” – Wow. It seems that 2014 started great on you. Congratulations! This is really worth to be excited about knowing that your four months of hardship is finally over. I hope things will be better now on your new apartment and will never have the same plumbing problem like what happened to your old apartment.

    Levi @

  2. Congratulations on getting a new apartment! Your old apartment's plumbing problems must've frustrated you a lot, enough to actually make you move out and look for a new apartment. Anyway, it was a bit unprofessional of those realtors to cast you aside like that because of your profession, but at least someone had finally opened their heart to you. I hope life has been well so far. All the best! :)

    Jeffery Ramsey @ Inner City YYC

  3. Well, that permanently solved your plumbing issues with your previous apartment. Although, I believe that shouldn’t have been your problem, since you were merely renting the place. Anyway, good thing you didn’t have to put up with that for a long time. I hope your new place is a lot better in all aspects.

    Evon Brow @ Athens Plumbing