Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas!

written on 23.12.2013
Having just put my gravlax in the refrigerator (lol), and almost all gifts shopped, with still one effective day left until Christmas; I can't help not to feel joyful and relaxed. The last few weeks were intensive to say the least, and all culminated in our gig on Barona Areena on friday 20th. I could not think of a better Christmas present than to play for a full size arena packed with people. Thank you! And thank you for this year! I think the Barona gig summed up the year 2013 pretty well. Two singles released, both ranking good on radio airplay charts, zillions of songs written, three fourths of a hounded gigs played, thousands of new fans from Finland and abroad… you name it! And it still leaves next year full of new challenges!

written on 24.12.2013

So this is Christmas? Yey! I guess. All presents are packed, and I'm soon to take a shower before I leave home, and head for my cousins place. I'm a bit cold and hungry. Happy, but not overjoyed. It's just a normal day after all, this Christmas eve. And I love it that way!

I'm not over fond of the consumerism way of celebrating Christmas with tons of expensive gifts. I think it's ok for the kids… after all I can't deny how important Christmas gifts are for(/and where for me as) a child. But even when a bit grown up I can't say that a really bulls-eye personal gift wouldn't always knock me off! I just love personal gifts. The problem with them is that they are so time consuming and there's no guarantee that you will even succeed. 

And this year I think most of my gifts are pretty dull, but to compensate that fact I have tried to make the wrapping a statement instead! You see gifts packed in wonderful decorative wrapping, but when you open it, the wrapping is often destroyed! What a shame! So this year I have wrapped all of my gifts in excess rubbish (but still tried to make them look nice)!

Foam rubber, plastic film, aluminum foil, baking paper, plastic bags, old rope, toilet paper and an old shoe box.
Some of my gifts were better, like this bark boat i carved for my grandmom! I had a chunk of bark which I started randomly shaping, and soon this sailing boat motive merged from it. :) And for my dad I made some special homemade herring, which he's a fan of. I hope he likes my take on it. 

And thank you for all of the gifts we've got from you fans!!! Thanks!!!
Merry christmas y'all! 
Eat and drink too much! 
Model or not, food is "gott"! 


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