Sunday, December 15, 2013

Today it's Sunday, tomorrow's Monday

Yo yo yo!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you go. It's only 9 days until my birthday and the birthday of our savior and lord Jesus Christ. I haven't felt like this for a long time, and by this I mean progress. We still have the BIG show at Barona Arona coming up before we go on our winter holiday. And after Christmas we have to prepare for our album release and we have loads of gigs! The Norway tour with Isac Elliot and before that we're having a "six days, six shows" situation, so it ought to prepare us well! You can never get enough experience of playing live. We love it and feel pretty comfortable on stage but there's always stuff to improve on.

I'm going to Nepal for the holidays to see my parents. I've really missed them since I don't get to see them that often. It's going to be a week of godlike food, thrilling adventures and most of all good company. I'm going to go paragliding, bungee jumping and do some trekking in the mountains. I've visited Nepal once before in 2001 but a lot has changed since. Dad showed me some pictures of huge malls and modern architecture, and it looked like any other huge asian capital. Luxury boutiques right next to shacks. I'm flying via Istanbul, which probably my most visited airport in the world after Helsinki! I'll have the usual round via Burger King to the turkish ice cream kart and I'll finish the stopover with buying some Turkish Delight (that I can't eat anyway :).

The last few years I haven't really been that into Christmas. Everything felt so disappointing because I compared it to the childhood days. Now I feel much older and wiser so I started to appreciate it all again. I mean it's not like it's an amazing holiday when everything is perfect and it feels like you've never been happier. But at least it's something different! (Hopefully) You get to meet up with your parents and eat good food and just enjoy the calmness of the Christmas spirit. And not to mention Christmas music ___★, I freaking love it. 

Yesterday I had a barbershop gig! (yes, I sing in a barbershop quartet with my pals) It was fun, it's always fun to sing. Especially in an a capella quartet. The music resonating throughout your body and the overtones you get when you nail a perfect chord just is something magical! (just like Christmas;)
The gig was in Hanken's (School of Economics) renowned fraternity/sorority house Casa and when in rome....  
notice the book "Finance"

Have a great week before Christmas and don't give up! The holidays are just around the corner <3

Stay Classy dear Popsters,
-krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪ ♥

ps. insane rhyming skills in the Header, right? maybe I should pursue a career in Rap music.

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