Tuesday, September 17, 2013

18th of September, a night to remember.

Hi there!
I plan to add stuff to this blog post as the week goes by. So... this weeks first post! Brace yourselves.

Wednesday 1:12 18th of September.

It is the day. The day of joy, excitement and all that comes with playing a gig we've been waiting for for ages. The only problem is, I'm supposed to sleep a couple of hours before I actually get to the good part. So far it's been a great night. Not that I'm feeling particularly nervous for tomorrows huge gig but I still decided to play it cool, i.e. trying to get things off my mind. Today I ate a great pizza with Serrano & Pesto, not only @AxelKalland likes pizza. Then I played some タイムクライシス4 (Time Crisis 4) with a couple of friends before watching World War Z, which I actually enjoyed. (I also dried my hands in a Dyson Airblade <3) I don't wanna spoil too much but here's a few remarks.

[edit: SPOILERS don't read if you're too sensitive for a casual review]

I really enjoyed the multitude of the whole zombie aspect fighting wise. You had your typical american city zombie experience with people flocking the stores roaming for anything useful, humans acting out almost zombie-like behavior. Scouring huge apartments for signs of life and shelter (Think early Walking Dead). Then there was insane middle-eastern CGI battles where 10000 casualties seemed like a mosquito bite. The list goes on with secret missions by Navy SEALS that goes horribly wrong and ends up in a race to reach the final destination only to be faced with Resident Evil typed medical horror. Some really humorous lines and borderline slapstick comedy made this all quite a good mix of everything. No wonder this was the highest grossing film by Brad Pitt so far! I hope I don't have to explain to anyone that this is no Lynchian adventure (because sometimes people don't get the point with action movies) but it was really entertaining! I sometimes felt it had borderline B class qualities at some points, but only bringing out the best in them. I do recommend this film to anyone who doesn't take oneself too seriously.

(#nowplaying: Europe Endless - Kraftwerk)

As the icing on the cake the evening ended in an ARAM win in LoL, and here I am now writing this.
I'm looking forward for tomorrows gig, quite a bit. Haven't been this excited in a while. A huge arena gig live on national television... doesn't get much bigger than that! But what I'm waiting for the most is a memory I'll always have imprinted in my head. The feeling when we got on stage last spring and when the monstrous cheer from the whole Hartwall Arena hit our bodies like a shockwave. The strumming of the guitar made the whole arena shiver and we were invincible . That made me feel really good.

Now I really need to go to sleep, big day tomorrow! (let's see if I manage to update the blog this week :)

Stay Classy guys! Love ya!

- krippe


  1. The Walking Dead* Krippe, The Walking Dead. :)

  2. Olitte ihan mahtavia eilen! ♥♥♥

  3. Olitte ihan parhaita eilen!!!! luv ua <3