Monday, March 18, 2013

I love Pop

I love The Beatles. The importance and impact of their short career is beyond compare! Their groundbreaking sound was forged with hard work in the 1960's, when they played rock'n roll covers around bars in Hamburgs red light district. Before them, a lot of the pop acts were artists who didn't write their own songs, nor played the instruments. Since then there has always been a lot of bands who write songs and play together, but the music the vast majority is playing now is rock and heavy! I've always loved different styles pop because of the way it crystallizes the most powerful feelings of everybody's lives into simple beautiful melodies. I like to think of The Beatles as one of our bands biggest influences. Things we share(or at least strive to share): four guys, brilliant musicians, all songwriters and good friends! AND GREAT POP!

Sometimes the definition of "Pop" is not always so clear. Someone claims it is equal to what is mainstream at the time, and someone claims it's a particular form or sound. I like to think of "pop" as something constantly changing, but in the other hand always a very universal movement in music. You see, even though pop is in many cases mainstream, it is always experimental and rebellious at the time it is released. Wether it is The Beatles, Sex Pistols or Britney Spears we are talking about, there is at least one thing in common: half of the people love them, and half of the people hate them (ratio may vary :D) All of these acts were controversial in their time. The Beatles was popular during a time when youth culture was yet not a reality. Middle aged people blamed The Beatles for the hysteria they caused in their girl fans, and for acting as a bad example. As of Sex Pistols, I don't even need to go into details on what caliber of irritation caused. But a little bit more recent example of the controversy of pop is Britney Spears, who in the early 21th century gave reason to debates of young gils sexuality, and what the impact pop(/sex)-icons like Spears had on them. ...A very brief explanation, but in a nutshell Pop is always just a little bit ahead of its time, but not too far away to be alienated from the society!

Hmm... just my five cents on this late monday evening!

Why I was thinking about this is because we decided to add a Beatles song to our "unplugged" set!! You'll hear us play it if you come to Kouvola on the 5th of april! More on that later on.

With Love

//Paul (...McCartney??)


  1. Näytät tossa kuvassa ihan mun isältä nuorena :P t. Paula-serkku :)

  2. On varmaan ollu kova Beatles fani siihen aikaan =D //P