Monday, March 11, 2013

Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo)

Hi there Popsters! <3

Last week was filled with meetings and recording sessions. It's getting more and more hectic everyday as the release of our debut single is getting closer! We also settled a couple of really exciting gigs for the spring! We'll let you know about those later, but I can sure you that it's gonna be so much fun!

Axel can't keep away from his iPhone, even while recording! :)

Last week we had a couple of sunny days here in Helsinki, and you could see how the city came back to life. People were crawling to the daylight from their holes and underneath the stones and I think I caught a couple of them smiling. The summer is on its way! :)

I decided to take the best out of the sunny weather, and had the most wonderful brunch yesterday :)

For a while now we've been trying to make a ballad that would be good enough for the upcoming album. Now, after a thousand attempts, we finally nailed it last week! After endless hours and so many different versions it just kind of came to us one evening, and it was just there! It's a beautiful song, and I know you're gonna love it too, just as we do :) 

Today we got the final mix of our upcoming single, and I can't even begin to describe how amazing it sounds! Next up is mastering, where we're gonna tighten it up just a bit, and then it's ready to hit the radios! Whole my life I've been waiting for this moment, and now it's here! Europe be ready, cause we're coming!!! :) 

- Social Joe <3

Ps. I just saw a movie called Project X. We were thinking about doing something like that at Axel's place, so stay tuned! ;D 

PPS. If you have a band, and you're wondering about how to get to the record labels, here's a tip: just run in! No one will stop you. Here's some proof! :D

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