Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hi, Axel here, the smoothie-sipping synth player! Im writing this from the studio, the magnificent studio of Matias "The Mixer" that is! We're recording one of our songs here, and its gonna be freakin awesome! We started by recording drums and bass, and Olli and Paul did a great job! Paul's low B-string in addition to Olli's mind-blowing red-white-stripe bassdrum made the whole damn studio shake like a washing machine on a spin cycle!!

And our producer Matias "The Mixer" was great as always! Finland's music scene wouldn't be the same without him!

After we finished the drum and bass recordings, we did the guitars. Krippe played as good as always, if you've ever seen us live I'm sure you know what I mean!! And with Matias' knowledge of guitar sounds and effects we got an even better sound that we ever could have dreamed of..

Me and Matias were just sitting in the studio all the time wondering how our band can sound this great ;)

I'm up next. We're gonna have a separate session later this week in Matias' keyboard studio, and search for the sounds we need! He's got all kinds of old analog synths: a Moog, a Roland Juno 106, a Jupiter 8, a Prophet… If you know anything about synthesizers you know that's heaven! I have no idea of what we're gonna use, but I know one thing: its gonna be totally mind-blowing f**kin' amazing!!! We're really looking forward to releasing this song!!

The last part will be the vocals, the hardest and the most important part. But as we all know, Krippe's gonna nail it!!

Here's a video of Krippe where he pretends to know all the stuff :D

And here's an even better video, where Krippe does what he knows best, and so does Olli……….

This is the best one :D studio work can be quite fun!!

See u next week!! -Axel

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