Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh hi there!

As you've probably noticed we've started our very own Satin Circus blog! 
We will update it every monday about band activity and various witty things. So stay tuned! 

And here's some great news: we're going to start working with the great producer Matias "the Mixer"! The plan is to produce one of our songs at his superfancy pro studio with all the gear and goodies you can imagine. (And he has the coolest wine red Dr.Martens!) 

This morning he came over to our monday morning rehearsals. And as usual, I was 10 minutes late. But I blame the bus! Nevertheless, we had a great session and got loads of good advice. He seems like a trustworthy companion on our way to success!

Since it's the grand premier of our blog you will be rewarded some youtube clips from our Liberté gig! (Which are, btw, on our brand new Youtube Channel that You should check out every now and then)

See you next week -krippe ~~~()'

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